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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Opportunity Volunteers ?

Opportunity Volunteers is the first solidary tourism company with a unique destiny, Tanzania and with a Spanigh team continuosly in the country. Once you are in Arusha, you will be welcomed and back up by our Spanish team. Any promise you were given  in your country will be fulfilled in Africa.

Which is the procedure to apply in order to take part in one of the programs offered by Opportunity Volunteers?

It is very easy; you only have to contact us and we will inform you on the steps to follow.

Is it possible to travel to Tanzania all year round?

You can take part in any project of ours all year round. Therefore, you are free to cooperate any time you would like to.

When I will receive information regarding the preparation of my trip?

Once you are registered in one of our programs by paying the Application Fee, we will send your Trip Guide, with all the information you will need to arrange your trip.

Can I join your team if I am underaged?

We are not allowed to give underaged people this opportunity to cooperate with us in Tanzania. Despite the fact that you are underaged, if you travel accompanied by an adult, you will be able to make your dream come true.

Am I going to work with other colleagues?

It depends on the chosen project and your preferences.

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