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Be ready to wake up early and have a cold shower holding a bar of soap with your left hand and an insecticide with your right one. Get ready to see a lot of insects hanging around your bed that you had never seen before and to put up with a huge variety of sounds which make you have a look at all the tent zippers making sure they have been carefully closed.

Like it or not, you will be likely to get a bit annoyed with your guide-driver.You will stay by his side for 14 hours a day while going on the safaris.

The majority of the journeys set off from Arusha and go to the National Park of Tarangire. It normally takes between an hour and a half and two hours. This park is known as a park of elephants due to a large number of pachydermes that live there.

In its fauna, besides, there are the animals you will often see on your safari journey: zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes, and, if you are lucky enough, lions, one of the residents of the park. Due to its vegetation and the river Tarangire, and the proximity to the lake Manyara, there is a multitude of reptiles, among which the python can be highlighted.

You will visit lots of surrounding villages, like Karatu, were you can find some tribes such as Iraqw that will show you their customs, from the ugali and corn pasta they cook, to how they build their houses.

One of the most exciting and unusual activities that you can do near Eyasi Lake is meeting the nomadic tribe of Hadzabe, its history, settlement, traditions and their way of hunting.

If you are lucky they will offer you to taste a kind of barbecue. In particular, you will try one of their favourite dishes: a monkey. They will bring it ready for eating (disemboweled with its head cut off and served separately), you will be invited to try a bit and the rest will be shared. Once their energies recharged, they will sharpen their bows and tell you to take part in hunting.

You will likely to be equipped with the latest technology for trekking like Indiana Jones. They will wear their typical sandals made from tyres and only one piece of fabric to cover themselves and carrying their bows and knives to get a good catch.

What it must be taken into account is that the least pleasant memories and experiences will only reinforce the trip which will probably be your once-in-a -lifetime experience.

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