Visit to Masai village - Opportunity Volunteers

Visit to Masai village

It is six o'clock in the afternoon and the sun is going down in Mfereji. The herd come back home to the bomas after a long day of being out in the pasture. During a severe drought, the shepherds have to walk for a long time till they find some fresh grass and appear on the horizon next to the dust cloud. The river is dried up and the women carry water from the lagoon that is close to their houses to cook ugali, a kind of pasta made from corn flour, with some milk or, rarely, some meat, forms their typical diet.

Having a talk looking at the sky, a proverb that says: “You are not a free man till your father is dead''. The young worries' respect for the elderly is of prime importance.

Masai community still face up the big challenges that are crucial to preserve their culture, ecosystem and make sure their future will be decent.

You will be welcomed by men and women dancing in separate groups. You will be taken on a tour around their houses. One of the goats of their scarce herd will be sacrificed in your honor.

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