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The difference between being rich or poor, actually it is a state of mind. The poor think about poverty and shortage. The rich think about abundance and prosperity. We offer fully valued experiences through the international volunteering. Through Opportunity, our Tanzanian division holds five areas with five very special mottos:


Universities, Higher -Education studies centers, sports training centers and dance schools. This experience is a main tool for future leaders' development. It will allow them to put into practice their acquired knowledge as individuals and gain essential values for their professional progress.



All the participants say to have experimented a magic moment listening to Masai melodies.

They guarantee to have a quite different perception of life after their visit to Tanzania.

Most of them confess that it is once-in-a -lifetime experience.

Travellers with a tender soul. The XXI century traveller profile is very different from the former one.


Let's change the concept of Volunteering!


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