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Opportunity Football Stars

He was mad at football. When his father died, he was just a kid. He moved to his uncles' house who found him a job in the capital city. He did not return to school anymore.

“Goals that change lives”

Opportunity Football Stars (OFS) is an organization in which football is used as a tool for the development of young Tanzanians.

There are several football schools we are collaborating with. There are more than 500 registered children and hundreds of them on the waiting list due to the lack of staff and material.


Football Sponsorship

Football in Tanzania is more than just a sport.

It has to do with passion, discharge, madness, catharsis, dream, scream, goal. A goal towards education, progress, life.

Football teams, Professional footballers and Sport organizations. We search for professionals in this field who are interested in sponsoring us through the football projects that we are developing in Tanzania with various ONG.

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