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Opportunity Medical Care

It is ten o'clock at night and it is raining. Dr. Neema Aloyce is seated at her rusty table in her small cabin in the medical center of the Njiro neighborhood. In the medical center she is with two nurses, they need medical specialists who can give them some advice on how to treat a patient who has severe burns. The doctor is the only physician in the only health center in many miles around a small town in northern Tanzania in a rural area difficult to access, especially during the rainy season. The hospital is attended by many patients on foot or, the most fortunate, by motorcycle taxi.

“Hands that save lives”

Opportunity Medical Care (OMC) is an organization that supports local dispensaries.

It was founded by Opportunity Volunteers with an aim to make a positive impact in the Tanzanian population through medicine. It is an unique medical organization since its main goal is to support dispensaries that are not receiving any other kind of support.

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