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Once upon a time there was a wise man who used to go to the beach. One day, walking by the sea, he noticed a human figure and said:
-"Good morning boy", What are you doing?"
The boy stopped,turned around and answered:
-"Throwing the sea stars into the ocean, man."
"Why do you throw them into the ocean?" asked the man.
The boy answered: - "After last night storm lots of stars appeared on the beach, today it is sunny and the tide is going low, if I do not put them back into the ocean, they will die.
But boy, replied the man: "Do not you see that there are hundreds of miles of beach and thousands of sea stars. Do you really think that it makes sense?
The boy listened to him respectfully, then he bent down, picked up another sea star, threw them into the water and said:- "For this one it was of great help".

We offer brand-new experiences through Service Learning, a model which joins learning contents, skills and values with social service tasks. Personal growth of our employees is the key, expanding its vision of the world, building up the understanding of social problems, including the aim to help others into our system of values. We work on three areas:

Social and Enviromental development

Opportunity Volunteers cooperates with different Tanzanian organizations with the aim of contributing to the conservation of the natural resources and the sustainable development of the country. These organizations work actively on several projects divided into five sections:

  • Accessibility to natural resources
  • Management and conservation of natural resources
  • Economical strenghtening of rural communities
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Electrification of rural areas

Knowledge Exchange

Opportunity Volunteers collaborates with several universities and business schools from Tanzania created with the aim of sharing quality teaching in order to promote the economic growth of the country, by developing the entrepreneurial spirit among its graduates. These institutions share various master programs with different specialties.

Solidary action

Opportunity Volunteers develops several projects divided into five areas: sports, dance and culture, education, health care service and innovation.

From Opportunity Volunteers we offer Service Learning experiences to business schools and companies. A program with such features is the key for the development of people which are part of the new organizations, those ones which demand not only qualifications, but more values, skills and attitudes from their applicants.

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