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Why Tanzania?

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Tanzania, Ngorongoro Nacional Park, Lake Eyasi. A tribe of Hadzabe remains isolated from the rest of the world. The sun rises, they go hunting and come back home. One of their hunters said to me: "Here, on the top of the mountains, we are the kings of the world. We have everything to be happy".

9000 kilometers in the the North West. Spain. Hundreds of people drive to work. The traffic jam of at least one hour to spend 10 hours in front of the screen, have ready meals and a journey back home at night without any time for social life. We are in 2016. Tradition vs Modernity. Where is happiness?

Happiness is an experience only reached in a certain cultural environment.

I said goodbye to Tanzania in the sweetest way I have ever imagined and with no pain at all, as when I left that country, I did not know I would never come back. It was better off this way.

If I had spent my last days thinking I would never see and felt again their unique animals in the wild, neither eat ugali in the local bars nor buy kangas at the street market, play with the local kids, feel the smell of wet soil...If I had had to say goodbye to all these beloved things of Tanzania, my last days would have been very sad.

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